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Hevi Shot Choke Tubes, new availability

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 Posted 9/12/2013 9:55:17 AM

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Just got word that the Hevi Shot choke tubes should be available late next week for the new Browning A-5.   SOON also will be available for the Beretta A400's.

Currently are available in a multitude of choke patterns.   I've used these chokes in my other Berettas (Extrema 2's and 390) and absolutely LOVE them.

A bit about the chokes:

Our Choke Tube Systems strip the wad away from the shot cloud for much more dense, lethal patterns. Every shotgun you have fired your entire life, right at muzzle, the wad is flying faster than the shot cloud and tries to fly though it, which in turn elongates your shot string, weakens your patterns,  and it is not nearly as lethal as the denser shot cloud created by our wad stripper system.  Our tubes have 3 axial rings that gently strip the wad away from the shot cloud until right at muzzle it is stripped way completely resulting in a shot string, the distance between the forward pellet and the rearward pellet,  that is condensed to 5 to 7 feet as opposed 15- 20 feet using conventional chokes. You can watch the water around your target to see exactly  what your shot string is doing and prove the value of our choke systems. Basically more pellets get to the target at the same time for much more lethal patterns.  Most of our competitors in the choke tube market use a lug system to stop the wad. The lug creates a more sudden stop and we know that our gradual axial ring system is more efficient.
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 Posted 9/14/2013 6:13:27 PM

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There's GOT to be a way to get this Asswipe off of here......

"When you hear my third shot.....that's your signal to take 'em."
-Phil Robertson
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