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 Posted 10/4/2013 5:29:26 PM

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ok got a new 870 this jammed up a couple times during the break in period were the pump wouldn't even slid down. Didn't think tomuch of it seeing I was using old boxes of steel waterfowl loads.Ran about 150 rounds of mostly steal and some lead loads.kept it clean after every use.then during early goose and dove hunting jams with some what old Remington bb shot pump stuck ok one shell was bad seeing I already cycled a box of same ammo threw with no problem.dove hunting federal steel#7 box was yr old kept in house jam jam jampump wouldn't slide shell would hang up.opener of ducks cycled Winchester expert flawless.reload with some federal jam jam jam.put Winchesters back in dad had a 870 in the 90s that replaced a wingmaster that got stole he said remember that replacement 870 it onlycycled Winchester ammo to. ive know of some problems with some 870 has anyone had a problem like this.i never had this with my old youth 870 I used to have. is this something I could fix or just send it to Remington and hope they deal with the problem.i guess as long as Winchester ammo go threw it ill be good till after season.
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